AI Masters Publicis Award

Marketing & eCommerce AI Challenge

AI is the next industrial revolution – many business ideas are only possible through the use of AI. Instead of just watching, we want to actively support them.

That is why we are launching our AI Masters Publicis Challenge for the second AI Masters.

The winner receives:

  • Award-winning money of 25,000 EUR
Award as AI Master 2019, award ceremony on 24.01.2019

  • Interview in W&V and on
Press release 

  • Project contract with Publicis Media and/or a Publicis Media customer

Vote your AI Master!

It stays suspenseful. For the jury it was not easy to decide. And that’s why we don’t have a Top2 now, but a Top3, which we will experience on January 24th in Berlin.

Congratulations to:

epic insights

… and now you may continue to vote for your favorites.

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